Monday, August 25, 2014

Quadra 1.3.0 Released!

Fifteen years (and a few months) after Quadra 1.0.0 was released, and almost 220,000 downloads of the open source version, there's a new version of Quadra!

We're pretty terrifyingly bad maintainers, the last release having been released just over five years ago, but despite that, the fans just won't give up on it, and there's been almost 20,000 downloads of 1.2.0 in those five years! That averages to about 10 downloads per day, in all that time...

You can get the new release, Quadra 1.3.0 (both in source form, and the Mac OS X package), from our releases page.

One thing that you might note is the lack of a Windows version (for now)... I've decided to not try for perfection, and instead hope to fix things up in (quicker, hopefully) follow-up releases, rather than wait for everything to be perfect. This way, at least, some users can get the benefit of the new release, and maybe a member of the community will be able to provide the missing Windows version, for example, better than we could.

What's new? The biggest change is that it is now built on top of the SDL2 library, which should fix many subtle problems in the graphics, and gets us better portability between different platforms. Notably, Mac OS X now uses the native graphics system, and is provided as a ready-to-play package.

This was made possible through the contribution of some people outside the core team (the following list from the NEWS file, let me know if anyone is missing!):
  • Arthur Azevedo de Amorim
  • Jérôme Brenier
  • Pedro Scarapicchia Junior
Now, have fun!

P.S.: By the way, this is a cross-post from the Quadra news blog, which you can add to your favourite feed reader:

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  1. I really love this game, I haven't been able to play it since I upgraded to windows 8. I would really love to see a version for windows 8. This game is so much better than tetris!